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Kelly Brook’s Bikini Line Bikini Pics of the Day

I am such a relevant site that nobody reads….you know finger on the pulse of sluts in bikini I don’t care about or some shit….

I posted some of these pictures of Kelly Brook posing for her bikini line last weeek, and no body even noticed….

I guess she’s doing all she get before she gets too old and fat to wear bikinis…you know so she has something to fall back on when all her showing off her natural tits for money money dries up with her pussy……cuz in 10 years no one will want to see her ex model body half naked, except maybe me, cuz I like that kinda shit, that’s old and sloppy, ending her cashflow and forcing her to kill herself by eating tons of pills like she was Anna Nicole Smith…..

So she is strategically started up a bikini line that she will draw attention to with her still relevant body, building the brand and hoping it makes her billions like she was Jessica Simpson at K-Mart…..even though people from the UK aren’t meant to wear bathing suits, but are meant to sweep chineys…the whole thing is very backwards…. FOLLOW ME

So here are the rest of the pics I started to post last week…I’m on top of my shit like that…and by shit I mean my wife cuz she’s more comfortable than my bed.

Here are some other pics that don’t look quite like a bikini to me….but are still half naked…

Update you don’t care about hearing – Kelly Brook is Pregnant -I don’t keep track of polluted uterus news, but if I did this post would be about taking in these tits, cuz hips like this never NEVER bounce back from pregnancies….

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