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Katherine Heigl is Disgusting in a Bikini of the Day

I have never found Katherine Heigle to be anything but the pig woman that she is. I always found it funny when they made her the love interest in movies, because it just wasn’t believable, there’s no way she was ever the love interest, she’s more the kind of girl you accidentally got pregnant and got stuck with. I get that the film studios are trying to cast people the public can relate to, and American women are fat as fuck, but seriously, I think Hollywood was a hell of a lot more classy, interesting, something to envy, when it held unrealistic expectations of people, you know back in the 40s, when the stars were actually stars and not just bitches you wonder how they ended up where they are, and in Heigls case, it’s safe to assume she ate herself there…

Here she is in a bikini looking like shit, smoking like a good mother would, sloppy bodied cuz the only workout she gets is when her heart rate goes up from the nicotene…

Speaking of nicotene, I am coincidentally wearing my wife’s patch today, not cuz I smoke, but cuz I’m out of bath salts to smoke, and I’m all about not being sober.

Here are the Heigl pics, unfortunately big tits aren’t all that great when the rest of the bitch is big too..swimming in her towel to cover her dumpy ass is appreciated, but next time, maybe bitch should keep that mom body locked up in the room contemplating suicide instead of this stunt. FOLLOW ME

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    Bitch smokles, so she pokes. I woudl do alot to get all up in her ass, to see where she magically changed her peas and carrots into brown gooey shit.

    Hell, I woudl happily fuck her twice, once for me, and a grudge fuck for you Jesus, because I am all about the loving.

    And this pillow of pasty perfection has got loving to spare, in a tied down and forced to take the entire 234 inch dildo, while her screams are muffled by the soundproofing in the basement and the 12 inch dildo down her throat.

    I’m just saying.

  • die cunt!

    dude, you already used that bath salt bit in a tweet. get some new material hack.

  • Bob Smith

    exceedingly mediocre.

  • cowbulls

    That is not an attractive woman. She also is a royal class bitch for the shots she took at the writers on her TV show. I guess the writers got bored with her dumpy body and unenthusiastic blowjobs and wrote her off the show.

  • Travis

    Wait, you can smoke bath salts?

  • marfo

    Horseshit! You would crawl naked a hundred yards through broken glass just to masturbate in her shadow. Who TF is she, anyway?

  • jboy

    She is still hot.