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Some Boring Victoria’s Secret Pictures of the Day

The problem I have with Victoria’s Secret is that the women never have nipples. How can I get off to a bitch’s body if her nipples aren’t hard…it makes me feel like the photoshopped person I am looking at isn’t human…and although getting off to something that isn’t human wouldn’t be a first for me, it doesn’t mean it’s something I like or that I’m not ashamed of.. Pocket Pussy, I’m talking to you…

The other problem I have with Victoria’s Secret is that their pics are always the boring fucking same. I get the whole hot chick in underwear thing, but I’d appreciate a little creativity to show off these bathing suits. Slut it up a little motherfuckers, this isn’t the Sears catalog…seriously…

No nipple, no bush, no pussy definition, photoshopped women who don’t need to be photoshopped, in boring poses and boring settings makes me cry on the inside…but at least the girls are ridiculously hot…cuz that shit will save any crisis….war….natural disaster…etc. FOLLOW ME

I guess their new catalog dropped…cuz here’s Erin Heatherton…

And more importantly, here’s Candice Swanepoel….


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  • Al

    Not boring to me 😉

  • I totally agree with your ideas.Thanks for your revealing.