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Kate Upton Milking a Fake Cow for Money of the Day

The irony of this Kate Upton milking a cow is almost bittersweet….or maybe this isn’t irony but instead a self fullfilling prophecy….I’m not good with words or theories or concepts or much but I am good wih predicting whether a fat titty 18 year old is going to end up fat or not…because I know when the tits are too big to make sense they usually don’t make sense until the bitch turns 25 and her ass and stomach catch up to her…mark my words…appreciate her tits while they aren’t competing with the rest of her…cuz they are spectacular for now…but I know how this works and you’re not gonna trust me but you should.

So here’s Kate “Fat in Training, It always starts in the tits” Upton – milking cow.

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