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Janice Dickinson is the Dead Walking Among Us of the Day

Just when I was getting over my irrational fear of zombies, thanks to too much LSD in the 80s and MDMA in the 2000s, Janice Dickinson had to come out without make-up, showing off her rotting, broken down, ex-model face in all it’s plastic and melting glory….but just be proud she didn’t come out dead vagina first, cuz as much as I’d like to see it, I know i really don’t want to actually see it…I mean her Naked Fake Tits were morbid enough…

PS. The paparazzi are wrong. She’s wearing make-up and still looks this bad. I feel like she brokered a deal with them….DEVIL WOMAN.

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  • Shooter12

    I still do her day and night til she begged me to stop.