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Fergie in Poses with Fat Chicks to Make Her Look Skinny in Some Shorts of the Day

Here are some pictures of Fergie in a timeless move girls everywhere have been doing for decades and decades since the beginning of time, and that’s standing next to a fat chick to make herself look skinny….

It is the fat chick in every group of friends that I always seem to get stuck talking to on the night she decides her hot friend I start chatting up gets too much mail attention and bitch starts crying for her moment, cuz I look like a guy who would fuck them, and I usually am…but it is nothing I am proud of.

What I am proud of is the day I slipped fergie my card and she never called or emailed me to fuck because it reminded me where I stand in the world. Thanks for that Fergie, you meth pussy I want to fingerbang with my tongue

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