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Britney Spears Gives Her Boyfriend a Lap Dance of the Day

I’m so behind on Britney crazy that I had no idea she had a boyfriend, I just assumed she was still fucking K-Fed….cuz I figure that’s how they do things in trailer parks…you know she loses her mind, shaves her head, runs back to him….he gets high off crack and ends up knocking up some black chick who works his favorite fried chicken spot, only to move her in the trailer next door, using Britney’s money, so that he can run his 10 babies with 4 different bitches properly….you know bank rolled for life thanks to her pop career…that is usually a stripping career when it happens to normal white trash…

But apparently, she’s got a new boyfriend, who she brought on stage to give a lap dance to, you know as a tribute to what she would be doing had she never been forced into entertainment by her parents….

And I’m guessing he’s the volunteer “audience” member to to prevent a liability…you know like if she uses her fucking shit and end up either forgetting she’s on stage and starts actually sucking him off/ fucking him, or worst, losing her mind tired of being a puppet and taking it out on that dude in a wrong place/wrong time, poking his eyes out and biting his tongue off kind of protest…

Either way, seeing a bitch lap dance her boyfriend is boring…I far prefer watching a bitch have sex with her boyfriend…but I’m posting the video anyway.

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  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    No this looks right, He’s wearing jeans and a hockey jersey; and he looks about 55 years old.

    And for the bonus shes barley dancing at all behind him, just like a normal gf would do.