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Eva Longoria Shitty See Through of the Day

I guess recently cheated on cuz she likely is really annoying to be around, Eva Longoria, took some time out from being a Mexican whore who no longer puts out enough to make her husbands stick around, but who instead irritates him enough with her diva spoiled cunt demands, to make him take his dick to new pussy, but who probably did once put out a lot, that’s why she’s so burnt out when it comes to sex, cuz she did manage to make it in Hollywood and making it in Hollywood, even when the script calls for Mexicans, and the producers only want the whitest most Americanized Mexicans you know all first generation and shit…it always goes to the bitch with the most fuck in her…

Either way she showed up to an event in a shitty see through shirt that showed off some black bra that might as well could be a bikini top….the kind of bra I have a deep hatred for because it is filled with lies and deceit….all thick, padded and not see through….filled with broken dreams and all misleading that there’s more than meets the eye…in a strategic outfit I find pretty fucking boring….

She needs to tap into spirit, drive, and ambition she once had…cuz if she did, I feel this outfit would have a lot more pussy lip exposed, of even just strategically crotchless pants, all ready to eat dick on command….

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  • wow

    Nice grammar, illiterate fool.

  • Pauly D

    You couldn’t get a woman like this if your life depended on it, loser.

  • tomkat

    too bad she has a bra on

  • cowbulls

    I wouldn’t put her on any list of great looking women unless it was for women under 5′ tall. Stubby legs and no tits equals a woman only good for oral sex and I’m guessing this chick thinks she too good for giving good head.