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Brooke Burke’s Wild On in Her Bikini with her Kids of the Day

Wild On loses it’s appeal when you’ve got a kid…It’s like not so Wild On…So Wild I’m in bed at 9 On…So that I can wake up at 6 am and deal with my brat who ruined by vagina but I still have my fake tits and a decent bikini body as memories of my career on Wild On..cuz that’s the only thing I can use to evaluate or quantify my self worth…because it is the only thing my self worth has been based on my entire life…So Wild On that instead of rager all nighter, the only event I attend at night is the resort daycare to watch kid movies…we only get wild on once a month to help plan the dream family we’re creating as we live off all the money from Wild On….Depressing maybe, hard faced and older sure, but still in a bikini and that works for me….the tail, bi product, remnants of Wild On like some archeological dig…the bikini version….and that works for me.

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