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Eniko Mihalik Amazing In Lingerie for Chantelle of the Day

I love this model Eniko Mihalik but more importantly I love expensive lingerie. I think it’s because I’ve been face to face with the cheap, ghetto sex store shit so many times, because the caliber whore I recruit to sit on my dick, is one who spends her money on other things, like meth. You know that abrasive, tacky, uncomfortable shit that gives rashes and yeast infections….but this fancy panties seems like it feels so elegant and tastes so luxurious and I can only assume a girl who wears this has a great smelling twat….cuz last time I checked rich whores don’t stink…they have the best spas, waxes, perfume and skin treatments…however rich whores still get herpes…it’s one of those humanizing things that puts them on our level…cuz a scab on a pussy, no matter how expensive the underwear is still fucking gross…just a lot less gross…not that I think herpes is gross…I appreciate the texture it gives a vagina, like a HGTV wall treatment….

I don’t know what I’m talking about. Here are the pics.

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