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Lady Gaga Nude Outtakes of the Day

There are part of my job, that isn’t actually a job, that I fucking hate. You know like when you’re working anywhere, and they tell you to clean the toilet, not that this is actually work…..but this is one of those moments of hell, where I have to post nude outtakes from a Vogue photoshoot of a vile, played out, annoying, full of shit, lie of a performing artist, who was fabricated to be the new madonna for the new gay generation, who annoyingly pretends she’s a tranny, even though she looks like she could be a tranny….

I hate Gaga’s shit….I hate everything about her. I hate her sloppy body and I hate her disgusting saggy stretch mark tits. I hate her act. I hate her face. I hope she dies of her Lupus cuz people like this are the devil and do more damage to society than good….

This is the proof….

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  • Venom

    Her tits are kind of shitty, but I still want to fuck her senseless.
    She is not bad.

  • Anjyp

    The tits are natural. Great photoshoot.

  • Travis

    Those are really her tits?

    & her arms are even up!

    That usually has the same effect on tits as lying on your back has on your face, ya know, making things look tighter & over all better.

    They’re practically dragging the floor…

  • Hugh G. Rection

    Shit…I’ve paid for worse nigga!

  • BonBon

    @Travis…well they are being squished down by a freaking rope.

  • dotmatrix

    OK, we’ll put the DS guy down as a Katy Perry fan.

  • toreshi

    Wait! That is now considerable fuckable? That makes that “manager special” ground beef more valuable at Kroger. YES!!! I can post pics of half brown and half green meet from the grocery as Victoria? SCORE!!!!!

  • John D Cole

    I Bet she was fairly attractive several hundred/thousand guys ago.

  • jeeper951

    Cross dresser, yech

  • she is a guy no matter what look for the adams apple

  • adam

    your speil about this bitch before the pics is fucking spot on, couldnt have put it better myself, someone better shoot the annoying rat of a thing very soon i say

  • Cunty Cuntall

    She can ride my disco stick any time….after all it beats fappin’.