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Victoria Silvstedt High Class Escort in a Bikini of the Day

Victoria Silvstedt’s only responsibility in her life is to stay fit, and fuckable, cuz she’s on payroll from some greek shipping tycoon billionare, where she acts as his personal masturbation toy that he fucks in tropical places while his wife stays back home spending his money…cuz that’s just how escorts work….and I guess in her case….thank god she’s committed to that one responsibility…so that even though she’s pushing 40 she’s still worth looking at half naked…and I hate that 1995 blonde fake tit look, it is done…boring…disgusting…shitty…trashy…the American dream…and I also hate this bitch cuz she’s the only person in 7 years of doing this site who has tried to sue me….cunt.

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  • cowbulls

    I wish I could tear up her starfish for you as revenge for the lawsuit, but alas, I’m not a billionaire.