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Jennifer Love Hewitt Human Tank of the Day

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a tank that proves that black isn’t always slimming….She’s answered the age old fashion myth all on her own….She’s a real life myth buster…I knew she served a purpose….unless of course this is her looking slim…in which case I’m gonna go watch this clip a few times….and remember what was….

Here are the fat pics…

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  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    Those cankles are forming up nicely, she should be proud of them.

  • cowbulls

    JLH still has a great body and those curves are real and trust me; real breasts are way better than silicon. There would be a few better sexual experiences but banging her starfish from behind while mauling those luscious big tits would be on my bucket list. Alas, I do agree that she is predestined to get fat because that’s in her genes.

  • big al

    Know how to tell a girl is fat? When she sits on your face you can’t hear the stereo anymore.