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Jennifer Love Hewitt in a Tight Red Cleavage Exposing Dress of the Day

I like to laugh at Jennifer Love Hewitt for being a lot fatter than the skinny little frame with big tits that got her famous…you know because I like to point out the flaws of a girl who probably had a serious ego years ago….before the cankles caught up with her chest….but it turns out that with the right straps, harnesses, and tightness of a dress in place, she can look pretty fucking good…and that kind of movie magic, high budget wardrobe, coupled with her feelings of inadequacy cuz she can’t keep a man long enough to get pregnant to justify her body, makes her a pretty good fucking catch, all broken down and alone….and really she’s probably better than any of the trash you’ve fucked..not that that pile of rotting sandwich meat covered in cum in the corner of your bedroom is all that hard to beat when it comes to vagina copetitions….so here she is doing the Chris Deburgh in red….titties out and better than she’s been in a while all modeling and shit…I’m sure she’s thanking god for spanx…I know I am….you know on girls I look at in pictures and not girls I bring home…cuz that false marketing fucks me up when I get a bitch naked and am forced to face the truth when it’s too late to run….Luckily I have no standards….

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  • cowbulls

    Damn she looks sexy. I bet she was the best sex any man has ever had that was lucky enough to get into her pants.