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Michelle Williams is an Ugly Marilyn Monroe for Vogue of the Day

I never found Michelle Williams good looking, I always just assumed she was a front for Heath Ledger’s homosexuality with Jake Gyllenhaal, because she had the sex appeal of dude and to someone who wasn’t into women, but got a little drunk on set, knocking her up, leading to serious drug use, to deal with being a gay man with a pregnant chick, forced to get married, and off himself because it was too much for him to live with…..so when I saw that Vogue cast her to play out Marilyn Monroe, I knew it wouldn’t be as hot as seeing Marilyn Monroe, or even as hot as WATCHING HER FUCK IN BLUE VALENTINE ….if anything I knew it’d be comical seeing a bitch who isn’t hot trying to be sexy…..and it turns out they gave her cleavage…and it’s not nearly as bad as I wanted it to be…but that’s just because cleavage always wins me over….and here are the pics…

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  • Belinda Gomez

    She looks like Miss Piggy in that cover photo–what’s with that angle up her nose? I like her as an actress but she’s not MM.