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Eva Longoria’s Uneven Cleavage of the Day

Eva Longoria brought out some uneven cleavage to some event and I couldn’t help but notice because I love uneven tits, if anything it’s something I look for in a girl, and I’m not talking the subtle one tit is bigger than the other, like one ball hangs lower than the other, I’m talking cup differences that are so dramatic, it’s like fucking an A-Cup from one side, and a C-Cup from the other side, you know like when you see those half man/half woman costumes in old circus footage….something new depending on what angle you hit it….it keeps shit fresh, interesting, different and it’s hard to get bored, cuz you get options…and more importantly, you will always look in amazement of how the fuck something like this happens as there is perfection in imperfection…..or not..either way these pics are funny…she’s like a tacky hispanic bitch at the hispanic awards…who thinks it’s her tacky prom she’s the tacky prom queen at…in a over the top tacky dress….

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