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Nicole Scherzinger Performing in a Mall of the Day

Hard Faced Nicole Scherzinger has finally made it….not because she’s on what may be the next big thing in TV thanks to Simon Cowell and his breakup with Ryan Seacrest, but cuz she’s all international in some of the most low level, hard bodied, bottom feeding international way…because these are pictures of her performing at a fucking mall like she was Britney Spears, or Nsync back in the 90s, when they were 14, before they were famous popstars, but on their quest to be famous popstars, working the mall circuit to get noticed by all the easy to influence suburban kids….in what is okay for a teen trying to establish themselves, but fucked up for a Pussycat Doll who miraculously sold millions of records in America, especially since UK pop music is just a sshit as her music….Either way, big moves for this twat.

Here’s an amazing video of the event….feels like we’re right there with the 8 people in attendence…this cinematography deserves an Oscar….

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  • expletivebmp

    A better question Mr Hayzeus is if her Cunny Bleed smelled better before her performance or after? I’m curious because I’ve always believed a woman who dances has the type of Cunny that sells the ‘suck or fuck me now smell’ after they’ve pranced around for a few minutes.

  • Bob Smith

    Looks like a guy with tits.