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Ashley Greene in Some Denim of the Day

Ashley Greene, the Jonas Brothers pussy they didn’t fuck cuz it is against god’s way and their homosexuality, but good for business cuz Twilight is a big deal and I guess so were the Jonas brothers before their fan base got their periods, leading me to think Ashley Greene may actually be a virgin, and as someone who has never fucked a virgin, I remain fascinated with the concept, until the reality sets in that getting famous in the first place means giving up virginity at a young age to produces, as quickly as lying to the media cuz your PR people think it’s a good move….despite how tight the pants she wears are…..too tight for the real Jesus if she actually was the Christian she pretends she is….who cares…these pictures are fucking boring…I should waste my time on things like this…

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  • cowbulls

    I think she is hot. I would love to check for a cherry. Regardless, she would be tight.