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Sophie Monk’s Lookin’ Crazy of the Day

Here’s some Sophie Monk getting out of a car. I am posting them because Sophie Monk is a fascinating bottom feeder, only because her success has been minimal yet she still hasn’t crawled back to Australia where she’s from…

Another great thing about her is that her vagina either sucks up her pants on the regular – and I’m talking all varieties of pants…from leggings to thick jogging pants, to jeans…it’s like she’s always got cameltoe…. or maybe she does it on purpose, you know jacks that shit up her, cuz she knows people will talk about her and paparazzi will take pics…

ANd I just don’t get why she hasn’t got into porn yet…maybe they won’t let her in cuz she has Paris Hilton strain of herpes, thanks to her boyfriend cheating on her with Paris Hilton…but you’d figure herpes is just part of being in porn….maybe she has morals…doesn’t really seem that way…but here are pics of her anyway..

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  • roscoe

    this twat’s face is at least twice as wrecked at Ashley Tisdale.

  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD

    Ha ha her name is monk. Monk! Monk is a funny name. You can just tell she loves getting cornholed.

  • Mick

    Please keep her over there. We do not want her back. Let her take up space somewhere other than here.