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Paz Dela Huerta Naked for Terry Richardson of the Day

I don’t keep track of Terry Richardson because he’s become a corporate, lazy, old, money making photographer who does all the same bullshit over and over again and who never taps into what made him famous in the first place…the smut white washed as art and fashion…so I am a day late on seeing these Paz dela Huerta nude pics that I think are great cuz I love Paz dela Huerta, especially her hipster bush, great tits and haggard like an unshowered drug user face….and that makes me happy…maybe next time he’ll step up his perversion and make her lay some golden eggs or piss herself or anything a little more like the Terry Richardson that was, cuz despite always being a full of shit hack, at least he got me pussy pics….so here’s hoping for more, hosted by inspirational naked Paz.


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  • Ashley Part Two

    why am i not surprised that you are turned on by Paz, u dumb racist misogynistic fuck. You constantly bash Kim Kardashian because she has CURVES like a real woman (oh yeah and cos she dated black guys) while this Paz whore has a body like a little girl.

  • DrD

    All natural in the breastular department for now anyway. lol.

  • Kyli

    Oh give me a break(Ashley Part Two Says), Kim K has curves cause she is fake up from the floor up. How people forget that Kim K got to where she is because she leaked a sex tape where she was pissed on. Get your head checked dumb ho

  • Meggers

    I second Kyli… and since when do “little girls” have mighty bushes like that?!

  • buffalo bill

    Do not want.

  • ana

    yeah and she should finally hire a make-up counselor cos she sucks in that too.
    oh yeah i forgot she is batshit crazy…