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Wishing Paris Hilton Met a Real Aligator of the Day

Swamp People is the only show worth watching on TV…so I understand the plight of the Aligator…and I know that I think it would be a far greater service to the world…and more importantly lesson to the kids…if this was a picture of Paris Hilton with an actual aligator…getting eating….you know so the kids learn…if you’re a vapid, spoiled, materialistic cunt with no soul, who turns to pornography to make even more money than her greedy ass already has, karma’s gonna bite your fucking face off and leave you to die….

I know, Paris Hilton doesn’t matter anymore…but this picture brought me great fantasies of her end….and figured I’d share that joy with you, cuz relevant or not, she’s still and always will be the lowest grade human around…

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