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Heidi Klum Dressed Like Seal Part Two of the Day

Thanks to twitter…I could go through the whole process of Heidi Klum’s second Seal costume, to honor the man who came in her enough times to have a little army together, and unlike yesterday’s scarface costume, today she’s a Monkey, and as a guy who is not a racist, I would never imply Seal is a Monkey because he is of African decent, I obviously, was saying she’s dressed like him, because they are wearing matching costumes…obviously….

That said, I love me some Klum, and she’s wild on Halloween…looks a lot of fun and uses her movie contacts, large amount of disposable income proper, so here are the pics she posted to twitter that I stole to share with you because if you just went to twitter to find it yourself, that’d make me absolutely irrelevant, which luckily I am…but you don’t need to know that…

To See Some More of the Pics….

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