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Emmy Rossum Thick Hips of the Day of the Day

Emmy Rossum is no friend to me. I go out of my way and help her publicity attempts by posting her nude scenes from Shameleess, the only acting role I think she’s ever had, or more importantly, the only acting role worth mentioning. You know presenting her like she’s hot, or appealing, or anything better than what she actually is….a thick hipped, flat chest, average faced cunt.

You see, after all that work I put in for her, posting her NUDE SCENES FROM SHAMELESS ….she fucking blocked me on twitter….and I hate bitches who block me on twitter…it’s the modern snub, or rejection, and that’s the kind of shit that warrents getting revenge….you hear that Emmy Rossum? I’m gonna ruin you, if you don’t ruin yourself first, cuz based on these pics, looks like you’re going down that road…Cunt

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  • Bob Smith

    Sure. Make fun of the mom hips.

    But she can pop out kids without even feeling it built like that.