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Scarlett Johansson Getting Some Dick of the Day

In case you were wondering….this isn’t Lady Gaga dragging a dude out of the river to steal his penis to staple to her leg…it is Scarlett Johansson…recently divorced, aware that her husband has moved onto the town whore, Blake Lively, figures she should dress like an 80s whore, and drag wet suit wearing scuba men out of the waters searching for missing poeple, and filling her vagina that’s been missing people…if you know what I mean..How else could you explain this?

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  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    yeah another horrible movie people will pay ten buck or whatever the crazy price of tickets are now. They just started filming and im already bored and just want to fast forward to parts where some woman is naked. Oh and ill bet 100 bucks right that she wont be naked in this even tho shes a alien hooker in this movie.