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Ashley Greene Slutty Lie in Esquire Mexico of the Day

It makes me laugh that this twilight star ever pretended to be wholesome, or good, or christian when staging a relationship with the Jonas Brother…when you know the whole reason she’s famous is cuz she fucks and cuz people want to fuck her…

So this slutty but good christian girl who lives a life in god’s image and practices abstinence until she is married, at least in theory, because that is what she says for her PR campaign….when saying that alone should make her burn in hell for lying to the church and the people in efforts of landing fans and broadening her scope as an celebrity….to one deeper rooted than just being on Twilight….

I hate how Christian America pretends to be, when it is filled with sin….lies…corruption….greed and everything else totally unchristian…Drop the act and turn the world into one big brothel…like Ashley Greene is turning this magazine into a brothel…all titty and slutty and enjoyable to look at….even if she’s a criminal to the church….amongst all the other criminals in the church….so I guess it isn’t a big deal…not that I ever thought it was…

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  • V_Ann

    Ashley has never said she’s Christian or a virgin though… not once. that’s the Jonas brother, and we know neither of them are virgins anymore.

  • Required

    Oooh, someone’s in a snit cuz he/she/it’s not gonna ever get any from Ashley. And the anti-Christian bigotry? Well, let’s just say that we’re dealing with the Lords of Tolerance here (the left) And hey, slay that strawman, jack. LOL