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Sluts at the Gossip Girl 100th Episode Party of the Day

Gossip Girl celebrated their 100th episode in what I can only imagine is their last season….because just 2 years ago, when this shit first hit, I heard eighteen year old girls everywhere I went, because like a hunter, I follow the herds to be near the prey, in a more perverted way than an actual hunter, with less blood unless they are virgins….but that’s not the point…the point is that they used to talk about this shit with excitement and joy, but I haven’t heard the shit mentioned in at least a year…there are no facebook statuses saying “OMG Gotta Watch Gossip Girl OMG”….it’s like no one cares about these cunts but they are throwing a party for the shit anyway and here are the sluts who were in attendence…

Blake “the Birds Rerpesent Famous A-Lister Hands….She’s Deep Like That” Lively

Leighton “not as Hot as Blake – always in her shadow – but still better off than when she was in fetis videos” Meester……..

Nan “No On’e Ever Heard Of But Should Cuz That Ass in a Tight Dress Makes Me Want to Move to China” Zhang

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  • imtheloserbehindyou

    Great now we get to see them with “Fuck you” rerun money. Lets hope one if not all crash and burn.

  • n

    Leighton is so much hotter than Blake the horse face, you horse-loving idiot