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Katie Holmes Shitty See Through of the Day

Here’s some not so exciting sci-fi, space invader, they walk amongst us shit…all kinds of pictures of Katie Holmes in what looks like a see through dress showing some bra…cuz bras are the new outerwear…..proving that not only is she going to out live all of us being saved by her alien sex partners who abduct her and probe her anally as her Daughter plots global domination every night while Tom Cruise jerks off in the corner, cuz alien cock in his mouth doesn’t make him gay….you understand people?….but that she’s also a total slut.

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  • I know I sound like a broken record, but when bitches wear these sheer thingies, they really need to not wear any undergarments underneath. Fucking prick teases.

  • LolleyGagger

    That sheer shit with cock blocking clothes underneath is BULLSHIT!
    It’s the womern’s way of saying to the world, I want to show you something but my short dick of a husband won’t let me. I laugh everytime I see them pictured together since he’s shorter than her. I know he makes her wear a strap-on and fucks him in the ass.