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Shakira’s Gold Underwear of the Day

I don’t think Shakira is as interesting, or amazing, or hot as all the perverts on Youtube….but I have POSTED ON HER ENOUGH to appreciate her ass shaking in video as much as I appreciate any bitch who makes ass shaking videos that go viral…whether hot, tight and South American….or big fat and black…shit always makes me happy….even when I go to strippers and I see the young bitches practicing their ass shaking in hopes of one day being a pro ass shaker I laugh to myself….cuz ass shaking is what life is fucking made of, too bad we’re all going to die this upcoming year…RIP us.

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  • When I watch her videos, I turn the music off as her voice sucks ass. Now if only she would suck my ass…

  • Lol at me for spelling my own name wrong. XD