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Heidi Klum in March 2012 InStyle UK of the Day

These are rumored to be some no make-up, pre-divorce from the scarred up big penis black man SEAL she has been raising and developing her own tribe with, possibly in efforts to build her own breed of human cuz she’s just that rockin’ genetically……in March 2012 Instyle…and despite being a mom of a dozen in her 40s….she’s still got it going on to me…but then again I just love divorcees…all eager to get fit and fuck as many cocks as possible as dirty as possible to feel alive again….something I love getting in the way of…especially if dude left bitch for a younger woman..shit is on….

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  • ExpletiveBMP

    As far as relationships go, there’s were the stuff of legends, and with good reason; she’s the finest woman this side of forever, and he, the most talented artist that has ever emerged from the plains of Africa,followed closely by Michael Jackson and Harpo aka Oprah (is it just me, or is anyone else blown away by the suspicious coincidence of how Oprah spelled backwards is Harpo?)