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J.Lo in Shiny Tight Pants Showing Off Her Fat Old Ass on Set of the Day

I find J.Lo’s fat mom ass totally uninteresting. I don’t care how much she paid People Magazine to say she was the most beautiful person last year when she was making her official comeback from being married to a horror movie character and more importantly having his devil spic babies…..

She’s old, she’s tired, she’s played out, she’s boring. If I’m gonna fuck with a bitch who has a set of twins at home in her 40s, I’m gonna do that in private, you know the kind of bitch you meet in a bar where old divorcees go, and fuck the shit out of, never telling anyone you know, cuz it’s not a conquest, it’s just pussy when you need it…..

Fuck J.Lo and the raft she floated in on. I hate this bitch and her shitty overrated ass….but here she is on set of some music video anyway….

To See the Rest of the Pics

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  • Bull donkey

    a jlo post? with her FAT ugly ass as the post pic, and a fucking link to some shitty buzzmedia site with more pics of this ugly fat assed whore? Step it up, this is a shit post and you know it.

  • Power Man

    You guys must love dick. J.Lo is fine and has always been fine. She is a-list and sexy. That ass is on point. If you hate great looking asses on women your gay. So bull donkey your gay and want to fuck the owner of this website.

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  • Anonymous

    I would rather have J.Lo a couple of times that a dozen of those skinny teenage boy looking models for a month.