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Lana Del Lip Panty Flash With No Lip of the Day

I guess the Lana Del Rey youtube sensation thanks to a rich daddy, a good producer, a relevant soulful sound, that she couldn’t re-create in live shows, because it was all done through a computer, has died down….because I haven’t been hearing much about here, but more importantly, cuz she’s already flashing the paparazzi her panties in efforts to stay in the media, it’s bottom feeding the way I like, cuz I like bottom feeding, and seeing panties is one step closer to that….not that I think Lana Del Lip is all that hot, if anything her bullshit makes me hate her, and her fake lip is badly done, giving her permanent duckface, but that’s never really stopped me from bottom feeding off a chick before, there’s just something lovely about licking an asshole while smelling a vagina…far lovelier than any Lana Del Rey song…but you wouldn’t know that if you were to compare youtube hits….which as you know is the measuring system of what matters in entertainment…even though most high viewed shit sucks….but flashing panties doesn’t suck….especially cuz you know she’s one step a way from using her mouth and throat to suck…to keep her brand alive…it’s hard when you peak in a month then fade into obscurity fast and hard…just not for us…cuz we like laughing at failure….

All this to say, next time bitch needs to show her other set of lips.

TO See THe Close Up Pic

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  • Dekless

    This girl must have an amazing P.R. agent or is banging some billionaire because she’s not that talented and not that pretty.

  • She Is HOT!!!