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Selena Gomez’s Hot Little 15 Year Old Looking Body in a Bikini of the Day

Selena Gomez has a hot little body that makes me feel like a pervert cuz it looks so young and tight…but that isn’t all that perverted to look at cuz she’s pushing 20…and is the real pervert in the situation cuz she sold her vagina to Bieber when he was underage…and she wasn’t….the kind of shit that would get you or me…or a bunch of the people I know on the sex offender registry arrested….but they are young, rich starlets and untouchable….you see cuz their parents wouldn’t press charges, they are too busy spending their fucking earnings….whore out your kids, it pays.

I’m not convinced Gomez slammed Beiber…cuz of his whole homosexuality…maybe they did anal, her with a strap on mold of Usher’s dick, cuz he doesn’t let Justin have anything else, but the real issue is the fact that I’m analyzing their sex life….sometimes I even creep myself out…I figure it’s only fair, payback even, for all the girls I’ve creeped out over the years…..

What matters is this body getting out of the hot tub for Springbreak…an overhyped garbage movie the producers are smart enough to let the paparazzi on…..and cast for 12 year old chicks…..it’ll be a huge hit….I hope I get invited to the premiere…going to movies for teen girls is always funny when the parents see you in the back row alone, wearing sunglasses, smiling……

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