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Rita Rusic Flashes her Nipples and Shows Off Her Amazing Old Body of the Day

Old as fuck Rita Rusic looks amazing in a fucking bikini and that’s probably why this Croatian born Italian bitch in her fucking 50s is in her fucking bikini all the fucking time….her body just doesn’t make sense to me…I’ve POSTED ON HER MANY TIMES BEFORE ….always trying to figure out what the fuck she did right and so many lazy, American bitches did wrong.

I’m thinking maybe she didn’t have kids and focused on what is important, staying hot, but the truth is that I don’t know her story and it doesn’t matter, what matters is that she exists….

What also matters is that she knows she’s got it going on and that’s why she flaunt it…not to mention she’s got a confidence in herself, cuz looking like this at 50 means you’re pretty much one of a kind, not to mention 50 being a lot of years to get fucked so many times, in so many ways, so many dirty and fucked up ways…..you know to keep things interesting that showing a little nipple isn’t even an issue….but that could be part of her growing up in the 60s, or being European and not scared of a little nipple….

Who cares…she exists. That’s what matters.

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