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Demi Lovato Chubby Bi-Polar Bikini Party of the Day

The good thing about bi-polar bitches is that they know they are bi-polar…and as much as I hate people identifying their crazy as an actual disease….seriously, it really bothers me when a bitch is like “I’m bi polar”…..because I know we are all fucking crazy….

But the good ting about bi polar bitches is that the label is just a socially acceptable excuse to be crazy, or a drug addict or sex addict or whatever….which means they can be a lot of fun…..you know cuz they have a “carte blanche” to do whatever the fuck they want…..giving you some excitement if you don’t get too attached….from never knowing what to expect….from smearing feces all over your bedroom, to fucking everyone in sight cuz her vagina doesn’t stop throbbing no matter how hard she fills it, to getting insane calls crying “suicide”…..it just makes for a good time…

Now if only this bitch used her highs to run on the fucking treadmill…..and the lows to try to starve herself to death…it would make her bikini pics more fun….I guess she’s medicated and modern science has made her fat and boring….Oh well.


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  • Leelee_98608

    Damn… I obviously don’t know what chubby is because she looks small to me. Lord forbid she’s a size 4!

  • antioinette

    she’s knw were near fat. she seems to have a great body. kimk has more meat on her body but nobodys calling her fat, just thick

  • Anonymous

    If this is cubby sign me up

  • roscoe

    Not seeing the chubby or thick here either. Just a nice booty and pretty hot overall.

  • distraktdbeezy

    WTF she looks great for all shes been thru!