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Jennifer Love Hewitt Talking About her Breasts of the Day

I don’t know if I like listening to girls talking about their breasts….I kinda prefer sucking on their breasts….but I guess I can get into it if it is via text message or facebook chat and involves the girl saying things like “i’m trying to lick my nipple right now”…..when it is chubby Jennifer Love Hewitt who is less chubby finally….talking about her breasts it is just annoying…you know there is a reason she’s not married and can’t keep a man…and I am thinking her personality is a big part of it…cuz guys will fuck and marry anything…just ask my obese whore wife….either way, I’d K-Fed her….as long as she let me fuck her from behind while staring at the photoshopped titty pics they are making a big deal about on Kimmel….

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I would pay $500.00 to plow her ass and to man handle those enormous fun bags. 

  • Mr. Blonde

    I’d do her.  I’ll bet if you had a couple of drinks and kept the lights low she would appear to look real nice once you started to think with the smaller brain.  Even more so if she turned out to have skeelz.

  • Anonymous

    She is in my top 10 sexual fantasy bucket list and number one for boobs.  I bet she is all world sexually.  And HLW, she likes it in the ass so you might get a discount. 

  • Bimbo Enterprises

    Always flattering when women are interviewed and draw conversation based on their body.  Substance and depth at it’s finest.