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Jessica Alba Shopping with a Friend in a Little Dress of the Day

There are two hot things going on here that I like….

One is that happily married chicks are porno to me….especially when they are as hot as Jessica Alba….because there is no such thing as happily married…and the slight chance that she’d cheat on her husand inspires me…cuz dating married chicks is like dating the terminally ill…it is short lived and full of passion…so you never get locked in or really have to deal with the bullshit….cuz everyone knows where they stand and that it is all just about fucking before it is too late…

The other is the hot friend who isn’t Jessica Alba but who wants to be and every night asks herself why she wasn’t so lucky…resenting her everytime they hang but using it as a chance to out dress her and show off her body that didn’t have two kids so that all eyes are on her for once….It is the competitive nature of being a woman….a competitive nature that I know fucks with this girl’s self esteem hard…and makes her willing to fuck subpar men to feel good about herself…and that works for me….in fact that’s the only reason I’ve had sex.

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