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Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima and Behati Prinsloo for Victoria’s Secret Swim of the Day

I hate Victoria’s Secret for their serious lack of creativity and vision…..all their pics look the fucking same…

I hate Victoria’s Secret because they have the power to turn these bitches into pussy puppeteers…you know if they were told that was the new Holiday campaign…but for some reason they don’t…cuz they have a brand to protect even though we all know it would make it better…

They are like the guy with the hot girlfriend who doesn’t fuck her cuz he’s too busy playing Golf…you know wasting it and rubbing it in all our faces….

I’ve posted some of SOME SIMILAR PICS RECENTLY …but this time they are in different bikinis…that’s the extent of exciting at a Victoria’s Secret photoshopped catalog….Groundhog Day filled will pussy I want on my face….

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  • Shitdick

    way toooooo easy….