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Behati Prinsloo in her Erotic Ready to Drop Porno Shoot of the Day

The other day I was walking through the park and there was a pregnant as shit french girl who was too old to be pregnancy doing a weird photoshoot, basically posing like she was posing for a fetish site or her escort profile on whatever has replaced back pages, in the middle of the day….and I thought to myself – french chicks are amazing, even when ready to drop, they’ll deliver the sex charged content mid day in public, a passionate people…

But as we all know, it seems like pregnancy must make bitches horny, because they all strip down for these moody pregger shoots, whether in nature, in studio, on the beach, they strip down, belly in hand and pose like they are Victoria’s Secret models…which is weird, since being pregnant, although the product of sex, is not sexy, that’s when sexy leaves the room, you become mom to my kids and we cheat on you with younger sugar babies who like purses.

Anyway, Behati Prinsloo is a VS model, or was a VS model when that mattered and she was bought by lame as fuck fake rocker LA Rich Kid who has raped all our minds with his music, more than he’s raped VS models with his fame, money and security, which I guess isn’t real rape but it’s manipulation tactics that are likely as bad as getting a bitch drunk and fucking her….money is a drug, so is fame.

So despite Levine embarrassing himself by cheating on his VS model by some bitch who exposed him for fame, even though Behati knows the fucking conditions of their marriage, let little rich boy do what he wants and only speak when spoken to and only enter the matrimonial suite when summoned…

So yeah, she knew her place, still had his kid and leveled up a sleazy pregnancy sexed up shoot that looks like Terry Richardson shot it, but they’ve blacklisted him, so it’s some other hipster with the concepts….I guess better than the suburban mom who figured out photoshoot and is now a photographer….

Nothing is more shameful or embarrassing than being married to Adam Levine!

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Behati Prinsloo Topless Swim of the Day

I wrote Behati Prinsloo, who was arguably a hot model working for VICTORIA’S SECRET, doing that whole thing, as a piece of trash not worth paying attention to, the second she started publicly dating, or admitted to dating one of the most annoying dinks in Hollywood, who may be rich as shit, it’s pretty much the only thing he has going for him, at least in the spectrum of cool….because that Maroon Five music is fucking TEDIOUS at best….ADAM LEVINE…

I tried to justify it as her being an immigrant, maybe not really sure how pop music worked in this country, maybe not aware of how lame it is, maybe confused to think it was good, since you can convince people of anything…

Then I thought maybe it was a job, to cover up his gayness in a time when being gay wasn’t mandatory to having a career…these people hid the gay….and needed BEHATI’s of their own to do it….

Then she got knocked up, married….throwing in her model career to focus on being rich as shit wife with anything and everything she ever wanted…ALL her dreams far easier to do and all without having to WHORE out to strangers, just whore out to the lamest rich kid hollywood ever made into a popstar…

So seeing her naked, is just a reminder of why I cancelled her…you see, you don’t have to be WOKE to cancel people…us CANCELLED people for not being WOKE can CANCEL too.


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Behati Prinsloo Angry in a Bikini of the Day

Behati Prinsloo Angry in a Bikini

Behati Prinsloo has tricked everyone, she tricked Victoria’s Secret into making her a model even though she’s nothing special but more importantly she also tricked Adam Levine into thinking he’s straight….or at least helped trick the public into thinking that Adam Levine is straight, despite having heard his music (not by choice) and realizing that there’s no fucking way that’s not a man who likes his asshole filled….by other men.

I HATE everything Maroon 5, so the fact that they are “radio” friendly over played shit makes me hate the pussy he puts his dick, or at least a turkey baster filled with his sperm, that’s as hetero as he goes.

Or he could just be a pansy ass rich kid from LA who wanted to start a band, and figured the best beard is one from Victoria’s Secret, the obvious, standard, even basic fucking option for a mainstream cookie cutter pile of shit like him….

We call this picture…when a Victoria’s Secret model sells her soul and dies.


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Behati Prinsloo Slutty for Marie Claire of the Day

behati prinsloo slutty for a magazine

Years ago, before Behati and her silly name left Victoria’s Secret to breed with Adam Levine, the worst fucking celebrity of all the celebrities she could have ended up with, but the annoying and eager celebrity who affiliated with Victoria’s Secret and all their marketing, in efforts to get close to their underwear models they cast for people like him to not waste their time as they are busy to cast for themselves….

Years ago, I said that she’s got serious fucking wrinkles…you know wrinkles you’d think the team at Victoria’s Secret would photoshop out while erasing her razor burn twat, her vagina-definition, and her nipples…but I guess they want their half naked models looking more refined in a who fucking cares about any wrinkle beyond the ones she’s got in her panties…..this was years ago and I could probably pull up the post, but why bother….when you can look at these pics of her that are almost terrifying thanks to all the face injections she’s clearly got…

Looking like a fucking muppet….a half naked mom of two with the worst fucking celebrity of all the celebrities muppet…but at least she’s cashed in a lives the good life…far better than those days of being raised in NAMBIA…which is apparently where she’s from….look at her now…LA trophy wife dreams…

behati prinsloo slutty for a magazine


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Behati Prinsloo Pussy Print of the Day

Behati Prinsloo Pussy Print Bikini

Behati Prinsloo is the pussy that Adam Levine managed to manipulate into marrying his fat wallet…and having kids with his fat wallet..because she was an immigrant, from who the fuck knows where, and she figured that he was a big star in America…without realizing how embarrassing he is for America….it’s not her fault, she was thrown into the Victoria’s Secret model life and had to land a millionaire, billionaire, famous person, whatever and he was on TV with his Hit Show…and on the radio with his hit band…to an outsider…he definitely didn’t seem like the fucking worst…yet he is…the fucking worst…

Here she is in bikini bottoms….



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Behati Prinsloo Got Them Wet Nipples On of the Day

Behati Prinsloo Erotica Wet Nipples

Behati is back…selling Jewelry with her tits out so you know they are targeting women.

She’s taken a few years off her Victoria’s Secret modeling to have babies with Adam Levine…I like to think of that as her insurance policy, or even her pension, because she’ll be set until the kids turn 18, and more importantly, the kids will be set and will likely help their mom if she needs it…not that she’ll need the help, she’s made her own money too…

What I don’t like about Behati is that she’s married to Adam Levine. I get it that these models need to connect with the richest, most high profile people they can…and sometimes they are in the form of actors or musicians and not always in the form of dot com billionaires or business people…

I assume it is because women like money, they like celebrity, they like fame…that is why they do what they do…

But I also assume that they have better options that Adam Levine…

Maybe it is a cultural thing, and Maroon 5 is a huge band where she’s from, and being with him is like being with Jagger cuz he’s got the moves like Jagger according to him…and he’d know cuz that’s what that queer jacks off to….

But I am convinced no one, no sane person, likes anything Maroon 5 and changes the radio station when the spoiled LA rich kid, who was rich before Maroon 5, starts squawking with his bullshit…The little midget momma’s boy queer trying to be a rocker…makes it as a rocker, just the lamest rockert…cums up in this…

Well, now she’s back, modeling again, cuz these bitches don’t always just move in on the life like Meghan Markle, sometimes they still pretend they have their own careers….

It’s a good thing she’s hot…

Behati Prinsloo Erotica Wet Nipples


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Topless Pregnant Behati Prinsloo of the Day

Behati Prinsloo Naked and Pregnant in a Pool

I guess Behati Prinsloo is retired from modeling turned to money wallet fucking the worst celebs meal ticket….

I am not the kind of person who gets emotionally attached to some immigrant underwear model working for some evil corporation that makes cheap, yet overpriced, mall brand underwear…all these girls are hookers and interchangeable…

I am not sad she retired to live the retired life….I forget she exists….so I appreciate the tits….

However, I detest anything that Adam Levine touches, his song rape my ears…something that I was sometimes able to ignore when looking at Behati half naked…he’s so rich and she knows she has it good…..I can respect that…if you’re hot, use it, make it work….so she got to breeding over and over…had a good body…probably still does under this ready to drop pregnant erotica…..she needs to to maintain that money….and here she is showing her pregnant tits….because she can…wants to stay relevant and be hot and I never actually cared what she put in her pussy…or what fell out of her pussy….but it is a reminder of that voice I hear on the radio over and over again…a voice that drives me crazy….a voice that made me hope she’d never breed with him…a voice that has bred….her polluted herself with his fetus…future uterus droppings….it’s a good retirement plan, hell she’s already retired, all set for life, that motherfucker is rich…rich off all of our his whiney LA rich kid, pretty boy, judge on the Voice…music I hate…and that these tits remind me of….

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Pregnant Victoria’s Secret Models in Magazines of the Day


Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo are both Victoria’s Secret created models – who have really only worked with Victoria’s Secret from day one in their career and who have gone onto do other things coordinated by Victoria’s Secret, because that’s how they manage and leverage their hookers….

They’ve already recruited new girls, who probably have a “DON’T GET PREGNANT” clause in their contract, but these two, Behati and Candice have been recruited to do their Maternity Line of lingerie and Bathing suits, seeing as they can’t do shit without permission from the brand that owns them, I wouldn’t even be surprised if they were forced to get pregnant to be the launch pad for the new line of maternity gear.

Never trust evil corporations or the models they make….So apparently, they want to keep them

Candice Swanepoel in Some Magazine in China

Behati Prinsloo in Some Magazine…

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Behati Prinsloo is Pregnant of the Day


I am not the kind of person who gets emotionally attached to some immigrant underwear model working for some evil corporation that makes cheap, yet overpriced, mall brand underwear…all these girls are hookers and interchangeable…

However, I detest anything that Adam Levine touches, something that I was sometimes able to ignore when looking at Behati half naked, since she had a good body….and because I didn’t actually care what she put in her pussy…but the reminder of that voice I hear on the radio over and over again…made me hope she’d never breed…or never pollute herself with his fetus…even though it’s a good retirement plan, set for life, that motherfucker is rich…rich off all of our misery listening to his whiney LA rich kid, pretty boy, judge on the Voice Voice…

I’d say we can always hope for abortion, not because we want to save her body, or her pussy, she’s rich and her career depends on being fit and bouncing back from this nightmare….not that I care about any of that, there are 1000 other bitches as hot and ready to take her place…

I just think we need to put an end to anything that perpetuates his seed…polluting our world…even if the kid will have a good time while breast feeding..he’s still a fucking Levine, who will end up another rich kid drug addict, it’s the LA way, or maybe it’ll be the next Gigi Hadid…point being…garbage…and the real issue is that I’m posting on it…

All I smell is Adam Levine Afterbirth…and It’s disgusting..

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Behati Prinsloo Nipple of the Day


Behati Prinsloo busted out her nipple on the runway – because she’s a real model…or at least enough of a model to land a rich and famous homosexual looking dude to marry her…and offer her life security….she just need to get knocked up like all the other Victoria’s Secret model…despite being knocked being gross but I guess further way to gt the brand to relate to the white trash that buy their product…while alienating them and making them feel like shit about themselves as they don’t look like Behati post pregancy, but this made in China or Indonesia or Vietnam panty set will allow her to role play that she does…weird…

All this to say she smells like Adam Levine, she could be spread eagled and all I’d think abotu is Adam Levine, I’m the kind of guy who gets turned off by chicks when I find ou who they’ve fucked…and he’s the gay disease….

I’ll still look because why the fuck not, it’s a nipple, let’s sexualize it before, during and after her Levine pregnancy…I have very little else going on in my life…

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