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Topless Pregnant Behati Prinsloo of the Day

Behati Prinsloo Naked and Pregnant in a Pool

I guess Behati Prinsloo is retired from modeling turned to money wallet fucking the worst celebs meal ticket….

I am not the kind of person who gets emotionally attached to some immigrant underwear model working for some evil corporation that makes cheap, yet overpriced, mall brand underwear…all these girls are hookers and interchangeable…

I am not sad she retired to live the retired life….I forget she exists….so I appreciate the tits….

However, I detest anything that Adam Levine touches, his song rape my ears…something that I was sometimes able to ignore when looking at Behati half naked…he’s so rich and she knows she has it good…..I can respect that…if you’re hot, use it, make it work….so she got to breeding over and over…had a good body…probably still does under this ready to drop pregnant erotica…..she needs to to maintain that money….and here she is showing her pregnant tits….because she can…wants to stay relevant and be hot and I never actually cared what she put in her pussy…or what fell out of her pussy….but it is a reminder of that voice I hear on the radio over and over again…a voice that drives me crazy….a voice that made me hope she’d never breed with him…a voice that has bred….her polluted herself with his fetus…future uterus droppings….it’s a good retirement plan, hell she’s already retired, all set for life, that motherfucker is rich…rich off all of our his whiney LA rich kid, pretty boy, judge on the Voice…music I hate…and that these tits remind me of….

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Pregnant Victoria’s Secret Models in Magazines of the Day


Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo are both Victoria’s Secret created models – who have really only worked with Victoria’s Secret from day one in their career and who have gone onto do other things coordinated by Victoria’s Secret, because that’s how they manage and leverage their hookers….

They’ve already recruited new girls, who probably have a “DON’T GET PREGNANT” clause in their contract, but these two, Behati and Candice have been recruited to do their Maternity Line of lingerie and Bathing suits, seeing as they can’t do shit without permission from the brand that owns them, I wouldn’t even be surprised if they were forced to get pregnant to be the launch pad for the new line of maternity gear.

Never trust evil corporations or the models they make….So apparently, they want to keep them

Candice Swanepoel in Some Magazine in China

Behati Prinsloo in Some Magazine…

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Behati Prinsloo is Pregnant of the Day


I am not the kind of person who gets emotionally attached to some immigrant underwear model working for some evil corporation that makes cheap, yet overpriced, mall brand underwear…all these girls are hookers and interchangeable…

However, I detest anything that Adam Levine touches, something that I was sometimes able to ignore when looking at Behati half naked, since she had a good body….and because I didn’t actually care what she put in her pussy…but the reminder of that voice I hear on the radio over and over again…made me hope she’d never breed…or never pollute herself with his fetus…even though it’s a good retirement plan, set for life, that motherfucker is rich…rich off all of our misery listening to his whiney LA rich kid, pretty boy, judge on the Voice Voice…

I’d say we can always hope for abortion, not because we want to save her body, or her pussy, she’s rich and her career depends on being fit and bouncing back from this nightmare….not that I care about any of that, there are 1000 other bitches as hot and ready to take her place…

I just think we need to put an end to anything that perpetuates his seed…polluting our world…even if the kid will have a good time while breast feeding..he’s still a fucking Levine, who will end up another rich kid drug addict, it’s the LA way, or maybe it’ll be the next Gigi Hadid…point being…garbage…and the real issue is that I’m posting on it…

All I smell is Adam Levine Afterbirth…and It’s disgusting..

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Behati Prinsloo Nipple of the Day


Behati Prinsloo busted out her nipple on the runway – because she’s a real model…or at least enough of a model to land a rich and famous homosexual looking dude to marry her…and offer her life security….she just need to get knocked up like all the other Victoria’s Secret model…despite being knocked being gross but I guess further way to gt the brand to relate to the white trash that buy their product…while alienating them and making them feel like shit about themselves as they don’t look like Behati post pregancy, but this made in China or Indonesia or Vietnam panty set will allow her to role play that she does…weird…

All this to say she smells like Adam Levine, she could be spread eagled and all I’d think abotu is Adam Levine, I’m the kind of guy who gets turned off by chicks when I find ou who they’ve fucked…and he’s the gay disease….

I’ll still look because why the fuck not, it’s a nipple, let’s sexualize it before, during and after her Levine pregnancy…I have very little else going on in my life…

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Behati Prinsloo Topless Shoot of the Day


I guess having sex with Adam Levine, who you may know as the worst fucking thing to ever happen in entertainment, music, TV, life….makes you the fucking worst….because you’re encourage that dancing monkey and making him think he’s as important and good looking as his mom always made him feel…and thus the woman behind the man I hate…makes you the woman I hate…and dead to me..

Doesn’t make you dead to the rest of the world, and brands like Victoria’s Secret and whatever this is, will exploit you because of your celebrity connection and eager model willing to get naked because you’re clearly a half retard immigrant that is easily impressed….even if I think they should pretend you don’t exist…

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Behati Prisloo in Victoria’s Secret of the Day


Behati Prinsloo is married to Adam Levine…because Adam Levine is rich and famous…and Behati Prinsloo is an immigrant…just living the American Dream…and what better way to live it, than with some popstar with one of the most annoying voices, who I call the Nickleback of America…you know the asshole band that makes shit music that someone must be buying, but that no one you know is buying, because you can’t stand the shit, yet they still exist…

Well, every rich dude, famous or not, deserves a hooker…so I’m not upset that this twat I’ve never met, never will meet, smells like his cum…

The thing is that I remember all these girls eventually turn 30 or 40 and are forgotten except for maybe some campaign here and there no one cares about…so whatever…let her plan her future…while we stare at her tits that are still worth looking at.


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Behati Prinsloo for Some Fragrence Ad of the Day

Behati Prinsloo, the immigrant gold digger famous for being Adam Levine’s sugar baby, despite making money of her own thanks to brands liek Victoria’s Secret…did this ad for a fragrence company that came out a solid 3 days ago…and that has a solid 300 views…300 fucking views…because no one gives a fuck about Adam Levine’s cum dumpster walking around in a wilderness topless but not showing her nipples….that you know she would show if you offered her enough money to show… because that’s the kind of girl she is…but in her defence that’s the kind of girl every girl is….

All this to say…MORE NIPPLE!

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Behati Prinsloo’s Crotch Adam Levine Polluting of the Day


Behati Prinsloo is the Vagina that secured the most irritating popstar in the history of popstars…Adam Levine…and tricked him into marriage because being from wherever the fuck you name your kid Behati….means that she just wants the American dream and a guy who is always on the radio…and who is always on TV…represents that dream…on some David Hasselhoff level…

So she’s now going to live the good life as soon as she gets knocked up and live happily every after on child support when he runs off with other fresher models…seeing as nothing lasts forever…unless of course the moral code and values programmed into her from her mother country…a place they name their kids Behati is a place where dudes can do whatever the fuck they want to do….which works for egotistical assholes who think they are important because their record sales and celebrity is…

Who cares…he’s the worst, but she’s not so bad…

Here she is in some Shitty bikini catalog campaign….

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Behati Prinsloo is Flashing Her ass of the Day


Behati Prinsloo has exposed her ass to far worse things that the world for attention…she actually built a career on showing her ass to the world…just in a more controlled setting and not one that she intentionally set up with the “wind” for the “paparazzi” who just happened to know where Behati Prinsloo was going to be, because they weren’t called by her people to get a little media attention now that things have died down….thanks to the far worse things that she has exposed her ass to…namely Adam Levine, the lamest, most irritating pop act of the modern age of music…but for some reason, a reason I call being an LA rich kid, who can get on the radio and brain wash people in the middle of the country hard enough because they are inbred retards to like it..and more importantly watch his shitty TV show…

You see whether he’s a nice guy, great guy, amazing husband or not…he’s still Adame Levine, and anything or anyone that fucks him should be taken out back and shot…or in Behati’s case…deported…

The only thing that would make her redeem herself in this ass pic, even with the great ass in the pic…would be if her Prinspoo was dripping down her leg…not because I like Pirnspoo…but because I like bitches feeling humilated.

I’m sweet like that.


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Behati Prinsloo Nipple for Victoria’s Secret of the Day


Here is the nipple that Adam Levine either sucks, or pretends to suck when trying to prove to the world that he’s not a homo, despite what every single song he’s ever releases says about him…

He is one of those people, thanks to his annoying fucking voice, that I can’t fucking stand….

He has polluted my life with his high pitch crap that plays on the radio everyday – in public places…

And whether he’s a cool LA rich kid, or a lame LA Rich kid, and whether he’s a real nice guy who can’t control that the world likes his shit music, that he makes lots of money he probably never needed thanks to being an LA rich kid to begin with or not…I fucking hate everything he represents..and does…

Including, but not limited to his wife..and her nipples, that Victoria’s Secret are nice enough to show us now that they are over the photoshopping of nipples, as the Free the Nipples movement and internet porn have opened our minds up to….

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Behati Prinsloo Nipples for Victoria’s Secret of the Day


Behati Prinsloo is married to Adam Levine, which unfortunately for her makes me smell his cum on every picture of her, not that I know what his cum smells like, but I am sure a bunch of old fags in the local bathhouse he frequents when on tour here do….

She’s gone from immigrant model, to Victoria’s Secret model, to celebrity wife, and now Vogue model, set for fucking life…and all it took was being skinny…and tall…

So remember that girls with 20,000 dollars of debt, trying to get by, struggling with the idea of joining a sugar daddy site….

Show your pussy, use your pussy, that’s what it is there for…

So along with having a stupid fucking name, she’s now shown some nipple, because Victoria’s Secret has been criticized for photoshopping out nipples, in an era of freeing the nipple, because it is just fucking nipples dude….a fight I’ve been fighting with this site for a decade, but that everyone discounted as me being smut, when I just felt censorshop wasn’t authentic..

In retrospect, I would have censored everything to get rich, buy a yacht and fuck hookers everyday…

Hindsight…you know…

Here’s some promo video..

Here’s her nipples because a lingerie company is being progressive by showing what the lingerie looks like – rather than erasing nipples because nipples, despite being human….are bad and offensive…they feed babies and people suck them when they fuck….seriously…


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Behati Prinsloo Nipple Flash of the Day


If a nipple has been licked and sucked on by Adam Levine….like Behati Prinsloo’s nipple…does it still count as a nipple…or does it represent all evil in this world…

I guess I’ll let you figure that one out…but I’m going with it represents all evil…as we know it is the host body that will carry a baby to this world….but I don’t want to influence your opinion…

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Behati Prinsloo Smells Like Adam Levine for Some Event of the Day

Behati Prinsloo 05

I don’t know if this is gay or not, but every time I see Behati Prinsloo, I smell Adam Levine’s sperm…not that I know what sperm smells like, even though I theoretically have sperm, and probably always smell of sperm, making me desensitized to sperm smells, but not making the girls I sperm on desensitized because they always seem to throw up when they come in contact with it…

I think it is more of a figurative thing….where all I see is his annoying face any time I try to think she’s hot.


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Behati Prinsloo is a Zombie Santa of the Day

Someone posted this video of Behati Prinsloo being a zombie Santa because I guess making fun of one of the most iconic characters in the history of the Christmas spirit, you know the fat man in a red suit, that has nothing to do with Jesus, the birthday you’re supposed to be celebrating, when really he’s the one who was an actual zombie, while Santa was just a cartoon, but I guess her playing Zombie Jesus wouldn’t go over well…kinda like her marrying Adam Levine…since he’s the fucking worst…and no matter what she’s doing here…all I smell is his seed all over her…making her the fucking worse than the worst because she married the worst…if you know what I mean.

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Candice and Behati do Victoria’s Secret Photoshoots of the Day

Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo are on the beach, because they are doing the VS Fashion show and it is prime time to get the girls in the paparazzi they pay, wearing bikinis, when they are at their fittest because they’ve been on a program to get as fit as possible pre-VS show…as no one, especially VS likes fat girls posing in their bikinis, despite the fact that 98 percent of their clients are fat girls wearing bikinis to be as sexy as the skinny girls they hire to pose in said bikinis…and I guess bikinis is good enough for me to post, even knowing one of the bikinis smells of Adam Levine’s seed..


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