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Lady Gaga’s Ass on Stage for Terry Richardson of the Day

A little known fact about me…when Lady Gaga, someone I find annoying, disgusting, a lie of a human, a try hard, trash that the public sucked up and made a fortune for as she scrambled to try to be different….is that I molested her ass once…

I snuck into some afterparty for her and she was in some VIP booth behind security guards with Perez Hilton and I just reached in around her security and fondled her fishnet, leotard wearing ass.

This was 3 years ago, right when she was milking Perez Hilton for fame, that worked, you know cuz she fucking exploded after that….

And you know what, depsite having a face that always looks like it is about to throw up, her ass was fucking incredible….

In attempts to take her fame to the next level, she’s pulling what she pulled with Perez on Terry Richardson, bringing him out to photo document her tour….and here are some pics from her first show…in Korea.

I’m hoping they produce more nudity, cuz she needs the press and I’ll always look at a bitch naked, even if I hate her…in fact, most bitches I see naked I hate…

here are the pics…

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  • Shitdick

    you gargle with terry richards’ skeet every morning don’t you?

  • roscoe

    As “little known” as your hatred of Tisdale’s face.

  • Laughing

    Thank you for the laugh.  It’s pretty damned funny when YOU accuse someone of being try-hard.  You have to be one of the least funny fucks around.  If Dlisted didn’t sometimes pity your site and link to it you wouldn’t get nearly the traffic you do.  Sad little man.

  • Staciandalonzo

    Fuck, if THAT ain’t the truth…only reason I found this rambling mess of a site

  • any person

    So your sexually harassed someone and you are bragging about it… neat.

  • Youareadoushe

    This article made absolutely no sense..
    It wasn’t even funny..
    Umm, Yeah… Back to the link I came from , D-Listed…

  • boots76

    if it wasn’t for Dlisted, nobody would visit your site. truth!

  • Meh

    You can get arrested for shit like that. Or, at the very least, get the shit knocked out of you.

  • Travis

    It’s not that little known since u bring it up every time u post about this bitch…

  • misty

    that “try hard bitch” makes 90 million dollars a year without even trying that hard