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Candice Swanepoel Boxing for Twitter of the Day

Candice Swanepoel is amazing on so many fronts…and by so many fronts I pretty much mean she’s fucking hot….and that’s all that matters…….because I dont’ really know shit about this girl…other than seeing pics she posted of herself boxing in her tight pants and bra top make me pretty happy, not because she’s come so far from running away from lions and/or HIV Positive Sexual Predators in her home country….but because fit girls are better than fat girls….I mean fit girls are better than all girls…whether they are bikini models or not…because stamina and strong legs to bound on my dick balance out my lazy….and their toned stomachs are great to come on….while their higher sex drive is fun to try to satisfy….and their lost tits easily saved by implants….that said…get off the couch you fat, sloppy whores and make stepdaddy proud enough to want to fuck you…that should be everyone’s life goal….

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  • Al

    That uppercut will pull her bicep, she’s too far away from the pad and losing a lot of balance. Someone teach her how to punch…. hehehehe. Christ she’s perfect