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Kate Moss Hot in Harper’s Bazaar of the Day

I love Kate Moss….and I don’t say that in a homosexual who appreciates a den mother of a model that was once known for her skinny….I say that cuz she’s fucking hot….from her years of party, living the good life, fucking famous people, ignoring her kid, having unprotected sex with Babyshambles, who obviously had unprotected sex with groupies, while sharing needles he washed in puddles of piss….at least that’s what I assume….making Kate Moss have a dirty pussy and dirty pussy on rich and famous top models who have ridiculously long nipples I would love to suck…works for me….

Here she is modeling bikinis…proper.

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Where be these delightfully long nipples you are talking about?

    I see no nipple.  Not even a hint of a nipple.  Nor is Ms. Moss smoking, which she has done in every other picture ever taken of her.  Leading me to believe this is a fake.  Some Moss look alike, with out the nipples or bad habits.