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Julianne Hough’s Spread in Underwear of the Day

I don’t give a fuck about Julianne Hough or her attempt to crossover into mainstream acting after a career as a professional dancer that annoys me cuz it doesn’t involve stripping – the only professional dancing I acknowledge….cuz it is bouncing on my dick while titties are in hand at 10 dollars a song…

I just think it is funny that bitch is spread in Interview….rocking a position her “boyfriend” Ryan Secrest gets grossed out in seeing and when she is in this position he asks her to close her legs… cuz he’s more into Dick….Clarke….if you know what I mean…and you do…

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  • Anonymous

    Ryan is still in the sea chest

  • Alanone1962

    I would pay a thousand dollars to sniff those black panties.

  • Doc Johnson

    Damn she’s amazing.