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Alicia Keys Scary as Fuck Bikini Pic of the Day

Proof a flat stomach doesn’t mean a bitch is skinny…not even when rocking cancer.

She looks like a comic book character…all ripped upper body…squeezed into a size small bikini bottom…that her fat thighs cuz she’s fat are trying to eat….

This is one of those fat chicks…who like to be referred to as thick…who think they aren’t fat cuz they have abs and small tits….proven by their choice in swimwear and the fact they post this shit to the internet….and it is horrible…

Loving your body messages to the youth should only happen when the bitch is skinny.

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  • expletiveBMP

    um, listen, i’m a virgin dude, and lemme share something truthfully; honestly; i prefer my thick women soft and plushy, not taunt and scary.  id give her a go, but why, what if i died between those legs; shed crush my head like a…um…watermelon i guess. inb4 2+2=chicken

  • oh yes! i could bust that tiny beautiful little cunt wide open. pop it like a zit.

  •  uuumm. the kind of hips that make you hollah come here. that’s right little girl, give it here. nice and slow. is said slow!

  • ginger

    ridiculous article

  • Musicfillsmysoul

    this site sucks….so what she has thunder thighs, only a MORON with no life would write such a LAME ASS story, yes STORY, this crap isn’t even an article 😉

  • JB

    Please shut down this lame site. Total crap.

  • Fudnucker2000

    I think she looks great. I think curvy women look great in bikinis. Much better in fact than hipless bags of bones that may as well be adolescent boys. ( which some guys may like if they swing towards liking “boy like” women