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Kate Upton’s Got Hard Nipples in her Wet See Through Shirt for GQ of the Day

I am not gonna hate on Kate Upton…because she’s obviously going to be a fat chick, she’s obviously overrated, but she’s stepped up her model game and is looking fucking hot, especially when Terry Richardson shoots her for GQ, because he talked her into showing off her hard nipples, something she hasn’t done, even though most models only get to this level by getting naked, making her value increase a bit in my eyes as she’s in a see through fucking shirt, instead of being lazy about shit, something I am sure she is used to, cuz she’s a fat chick in training….but not a fat chick yet…

All this to say, GQ did what they had to do. They took an opportunity that was sitting in a bikini in front of them and said “let’s go fucking viral with this bitch at her big titty prime”….and Kate Upton stepped up and delivered…cuz she needed to make a move…for fear of being replaced by a younger bustier retard in a bikini.

I still think she’s overrated and will be fat, more on that later, right now, I’m staring at her nipple…..

Here’s the video….

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  • StopWastingMyTime

    Why this Chick is making so much waves? Shouldn’t we at least be seeing her big fleshy pussy and giant droopy tits? There are at least a hundred other bimbos like this big boned blow-up doll in the porn industry doing exactly same thing (smiling for the camera & playing all cutsy)  and then giving us a sterling double anal finale. I don’t see any black cocks in her asshole, what’s the big deal?

  • Anonymous

    I want her before some clown with a baseball bat for a pecker ruins her. 

  • Cam Kohler

    She looks soft and squishy, but is she REALLY soft and squishy?

  • FordManGT

    Whoever it is that wrote that lame shit about her is a full-on fag! Katie can smear her soft and squishy goodness all over me for as long as she lives. I’m positive that many millions of guys and girls would agree with me, 1000%!

  • so hot andsexy

  • boy’s would go crazy if they see her

  • 1000% a hotty

  • neo

    the guy that wrote this is a prick with no respect for anyone with talent (kate upton) and would not be able to know if there was a really hot chick even if she was giving him a bj.

  • neo

    and i would also like to add that the guy that wrote about kate being a bimbo and retarted is only griefing her just because he can’t ever get a girl as hot as kate upton.

  • Mike

    Writer is a fat, unpopular girl.

  • Justin Upton

    BEAUTIFUL…….enough said! Like it was stated before, everyone that is hating on kate is obviously upset they dont look nearly that good or cant find a girl to replace his hand.

  • Jim

    Neo, it is spelled retarded. Good work.