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Olivia Munn Topless in Magic Mike of the Day

Olivia Munn Topless in Magic Mike

Olivia Munn is an attention seeking bottom feeding slut who made the common mistake that is often made by girls who want to be famous once they reach a certain level of fame without realizing they’ve peaked and instead think they’ve only just begun….I mean reality was she was on G4TV, a show I assume less than 100,000 people watch a day, which is pretty pathetic in terms of TV fame….I mean their youtube videos of their scamming, pretend they are into tech for nerds who watch them and assume they are dream girls, only get 10,000 views….proving that they don’t matter, but that’s hard to really decipher when the fans you do have are so loyal to you, even more loyal to you than they are to their virginity….

So she quits her one good thing to be a famous actor or something she always wanted….and instead, a few years later, she’s taking nude parts in the biggest movies she can find…when she thought she was gonna be headlining the shit…and I think this is the best she’s ever been…usually I hate her much more…..I guess titties have a calming effect….

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  • Werewolf Jr.

    God Lord, trying to read your writing is exhausting. I imagine talking to you is just like trying to read your writing. What I’m trying to say is: you are bad at writing/talking.
    Stop writing.

  • Jimmy

    I believe the scientific term for that is “STFU”. (And I second it.)

    If that’s real up there, though, those are a really nice pair.