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Heidi Klum Hot Bikini Twitter Pic of the Day

Heidi Klum looks so good from this angle, it is almost like she never let a black monster ravage her cunt until it shat out 4-8 kids…

Maybe she’s on the Secret Internet Fatty (SIF) kick, and just knows the right angles to snap pics of herself so that she doesn’t look like a fucking slob in her 40s…

But then again she’s Heidi Klum and has a bit of a responsibilty to herself, her brand, her career to put some effort into maintaining her body as best she can, cuz that’d be like a doctor with no medical degree….putting the same hustle as my internet girlfriend Alisa…….

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  • shitdick

    you are a little late with this. the pic was from the 4th of july. its now the 9th. Way to be on top of things….aren’t you due for a Vic Secret post?….

  • Joe L

    I wouldnt bang that piece of garbage with Charlie Sheens dick. She’s a dirty thugg lovin coal burner

  • FunKiller

    I would still bang that purple crayon suckin snatch till it’s raw!

  • Rosarch

    In case you two racist losers did not figure it out, she does not want your small pathetic white penises. She is a super model, she can get any man she wants, she picked and got what she wanted. I am sure she sits up at night crying that two broke pasty white losers like yourselves don’t want her.

  • cowbulls

    Heidi must have been dropped on her head. Doesn’t she realize that she use to be hot? She could have gotten darn near any guy and she marries Seal. What the hell is/was she thinking? The guy is the textbook definition of ugly; he’s a total jerk and treats her as bad as he treats the rest of the world. She needs to just go away.

  • what a beauty.

    Any guy will give an arm and a leg to go in between her legs.