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Sasha Cohen in Her Olympic Bikini of the Day

Here’s some Sasha Cohen Olympic athlete body in her bikini for twitter…because I guess she wants a little of that Olympic athlete in her bikini scandal that Australian swimmer got….or maybe cuz she’s put so much time and energy into her body and fitness that she feels the need to show it off like the dudes you see walking around your neighborhood topless…or maybe cuz she’s got higher muscle tone, higher testosterone and hire sex drive ad is ready to fuck…cuz all her figure skating partners are faggots who won’t put their dick in her….and she just wants someone to put their dick in her…cuz all those years of training never allowed for her to have a normal life….or maybe…just maybe…she’s like 90 percent of girl on instagram who like putting pics of themselves up in bikinis…cuz all girls are whores…who cares…just look at the pics…

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