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Krysten Ritter and Nicole Scherzinger Learn to Surf of the Day

Krysten Ritter who I’m not quite sure who she is…and Nicole Scheringer who I am not quite sure she was born with a vagina…or a penis…..were together in some random “Learn How to Surf” Oakley event, that you would think a mulity billion dollar company like Luxotica, who own the rights to Ray Ban and Oakley, and pretty much all the major sunglass companies, would be able to toss Oakley a little more of a marketing budget to get real celebrities up on their promotional campaign, instead of making shit look like a flimsy, scraggly, worthless waste of time for everyone involved, except maybe Krystne Ritter and Nicole Scherzinger who now probably feel like someone cares…especially since it is corporate and gets them paid…

But they were in bikinis, and they did take this awesome jumping pic, so I can’t fully hate…if I did, it would mean I have no sense of humor, and we don’t want that, since it’s the only game I have.

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  • J

    Damn I would worship those lady’s! Nicole is freakin perfect.