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Kate Upton Hiding her Gut for Twitter of the Day

Kate Upton posted these pics to twitter….she’s a bikini model who I call a fat chick in training….because she’s really a fat chick in training…and I think she realizes that her gut is catching up to her tits…skinny legs or not…she’s sloppy….cuz why else would she be posting pics from the belly button up…this is some Secret Internet Strategy….that I’ve been tricked by so many times to know it when I see it….but at least she’s got awesome sized tits and a loyal fan base….and more importanlty a few more years before actually turning into Anna Nicole Smith…

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  • In two years she’s going to need to start wearing Spanx under dresses like that.

  • cowbulls

    Maybe so but I want her now. I don’t want to marry her.