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Kim Kardashian’s Fat Chick Bikini of the DAy

These Kim Kardashian bikini pics for twitter are amazing…cuz Kim Kardashian is wearing a fat chick bikini you see middle aged women wear cuz their stomachs are as toned as a slaughted animal on the side of the road in an african village during a famine….ravaged and abused…you know one of those outfits they think compliments their bodies but really looks like fucking hell….or like bitch is into infantilism and trying to cover her adult diaper that in Kim Kardashian’s case is actually made of fat and not Pampers….and her incontenience of bladder control leakage is usally in the form of being peed on by Ray J in sex tapes that launch her career….a career that shouldn’t have ever happened….

She looks horrible. I dare you to try jerking off to this…unfortunately, I’ve jerked off to worst…and know you can pull this one off….that doesn’t make her any less disgusting!

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  • Mark

    Always crack me up haha

  • cowbulls

    I’d do her but wear two condoms.

  • Spartacus